Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Everybody is entitled to freedom of speech.
Yet it is subjected to discretion.

It is like asking you to speak up and at the same time stuffing a ball of cloth into your mouth.

Imagine this.

A: "Do I look good in this dress?"
B: "Well..."
A: "Well, you know what I'm gonna stuff this ball of crap into your mouth cuz you're not telling what I wanted to hear."
B: "*muffled sound*

Differential diagnosis: Bipolar disorder

This has been so ingrained in us that it became difficult to refrain ourselves from snatching away other's freedom.

So tired of censoring myself.
So tired of pleasing others.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Who's bringing sexay back?

*cough, sneezes*

Hello my long-abandoned journal, 

Mama's bringing sexy BACK!

Will be back with more updates!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


With New Year around the corner, it's high time to make new resolutions for the coming year. Although it was meant to be forgotten, but this time I swear to achieve half of them, by hook or by crook!!

1) To get a DSLR camera

it's a lifelong dream.

2) Trip
trip to Langkawi Island with buddies!

Wish me luck. And be-earlyed Christmas + New Year wish. Seeya on 2012~

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I am now just a stone's throw away from the big exam. The pressure is on and everyone's doing their bestest to outdo each other, which I'd loved to do if I'm capable of it. Here I am, unprepared, blogging, wallowing in self pity, daydreaming, head-aching, any other verb you can think of except studying.

Today's been rather harsh . Try this, wake up with a brain squeezing sensation that would pop your eyes out from its socket and started to get better through the day just to face your teen sibling with some teen angst and death in the family. Things are pretty complicated at this moment.............but I'll just let it be.

Some quotes I'd love to share, just came across it randomly. I always discover things like this. =)

Friday, September 16, 2011


What's better than Friday?

It's when Friday is a public holiday!!!!!!!! Yay! It's Friday friday gotta get down on friday~~~~ ( Since when Rebecca Black's classic had became the Friday anthem)

However, I'm not at all in the T.G.I.F mood after the acknowledging the devastating results of mine in the recent trial exams. I must thank my class teacher, Mr.ISK and my fellow classmates for their eagerness in breaking the 'good' news. Now, I'm wallowing in self-pity. Emo!

Just this afternoon, Mr. ISK, upon revealing the results and expressed his utter disappointment, shared some tips on time management while taking pride in his success in balancing play time and academics. He also told us that he was in the Dean's list for three consecutive years and represented Penang in hockey. Impressive.

This is what you call 'adding insult to injury'. Not only this had dampen my already low spirits but also murdered my determination to go on, literally.

Without achievements, who else am I? What can I do in the future? HAIZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Road fail

Yesterday morning I was fetching my sisses to tuition class. I decided to use the same old alley like I always did? Stupid reason. Mom warned me about the cons of using the alley like a thousand times because the alley is quite narrow. but guess what? Fallen on deaf ears. And paid the price. Kinda.

So this is how it all happened.

Apparently, a bastard's car was parked right at the junction and as a result blocked me from noticing an another car coming out from the alley. When I finally saw the car ( almost a bastard) my car was halfway into the alley.Being a courteous person, I reversed my car a little bit to give that freaking car some space to leave. Hell knows there was another car right behind me at that time. Mental note, always check your mirrors when reversing your car. Being a courteous person does you no good. Consequently, I rammed into that car. FUCK! WHERE IS THE BRAKE PEDAL?? (anyhow I managed to brake)

Frankly speaking, for a split second, I wished to step on the accelerator and flee. But I didn't. Like a civilised human being, I placed my car aside and check on the other car. My lucky star must be shining really brightly. NOT EVEN A SINGLE SCRATCH! Hallelujah! Amitabha! Ya Allah! WAhahahah!

Nevertheless, I apologised profusely to the owner. The owner must be in a great mood that she said "It's okay," which is not very common when someone hit your car.

Lesson : If you don't want to be called a bastard behind your back, please park your car at the right place. And please utilise your car mirrors well.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Future and passion

Subconsciously, I'd reached the end of my pre-university journey. Quite glad that I still manage to survive, despite my not-at-all glorious academic results. And I'm about to face the toughest examination ever....(for the meantime, that's how I think).
A lot of teachers has been urging us to study hard, be serious, don''t fool around anymore.....etc.etc. (particularly Mr.Lim). They are right though. Since we are about to step into adulthood and it's already high time to ponder on our future.
Frankly speaking, with my current results, I am not sure if I will secure a place in university. Plus, I don't even know what I'm gonna pick up as career. Being a Wanton noodle vendor seemed good to me.............
who knows I might be the owner of the largest wanton noodle outlet chain ever! @@
Or maybe I'll be teacher........ which I'll end up spending the rest of my life facing obnoxious rascals and over protective parents.
this picture is for commercial purpose ONLY. don't be deceived. If I do end up as a teacher, I'd rather be a tutor than a school teacher. Just imagine those anxious parents racing to send their children for tuition classes .............and those kaching kaching of course! I might even earn more than an university lecturer!
I really don't know where my passion lays. And it's not as easy as picking up a coin on the street!
How I wish I am not born a Virgo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!